Finnair launches 'Cargo Eye' to monitor, control air freight flows using IoT sensors

FINLAND's Finnair Cargo has launched its air freight monitoring tool, "Cargo Eye" that will help the carrier's newly formed cargo control centre (CCC) to effectively monitor and steer cargo flows in real time within the airline's network. Finnair said in a statement that Cargo Eye is a solution enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) that will transform its cargo operation and create additional value for customers. The tool integrates multiple data sources, transactional enterprise resource planning (ERP) data and IoT sensors into a presentation layer with a visual layout for operational steering for its cargo control centre (CCC). "The Cargo Eye provides end-to-end visibility for Finnair operations, and will in the future also enable a more comprehensive transparent real-time information to customers. It is a platform for real-time business steering, identifying exceptions that require action to be taken. The tool has been created with Qoco Systems," the airline said. The tool has been integrated with various systems that feed data into it, such as booking data, location, temperature and humidity of shipments monitored by sensors, and ground transport vehicles location or temperatures of shipments monitored by trackers.
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