American Airlines Cargo expands European trucking network this summer

AMERICAN Airlines Cargo has expanded its European trucking network this summer to connect offline cities and online points with the rest of the airline's global network, via the 450-plus flights that depart from Europe every week.

With multiple truck options per night, the carrier can link together key European cities, which helps maintain high load factors, and increases capacity and routing options for customers.

The Netherlands, Germany and France all feed nightly freight into the airline's London Heathrow operation, which operates 20 flights per day direct to the United States. Almost two million kilos per month is now fed into the online destinations for carriage on the company's aircraft.

"Operating trucking services from across Europe into London enables us to reach cargo markets that we wouldn't otherwise be able to serve," said regional manager, Andy Cornwell, American Airlines cargo sales - northern Europe.

"It has enabled us to become a major player in a number of markets where we don't have direct lift. By offering overnight trucks, we now can serve customers in countries like Denmark, Hungary and beyond."

In the last 12 months, American has increased cargo lift out of Heathrow with the introduction of more freight-friendly aircraft, such as the Boeing 777-300 and Boeing 787. These aircraft provide American with the capacity to serve additional markets.

New trucking services from Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Marseilles, France, along with Frankfurt, Germany, have also been set up to serve the airline's seasonal flights from Barcelona to Chicago.

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