ACI lists HKIA as world busiest cargo airport

ACI lists HKIA as world busiest cargo airport

STATISTICS recently released by Airports Council International (ACI) show that the cumulative air cargo volume across 20 busiest airports grew by 6.8 per cent in 2017, handling about 51 million metric tonnes of cargo, which represents 43 per cent of global air cargo volumes.

Hong Kong tops the list handling over five million metric tonnes of cargo in 2017. Volumes at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) grew by 9.4 per cent year on year. Shanghai, Chicago and Doha witnessed a double-digit growth of 11.2 per cent, 12.6 percent, and 15.0 per cent, respectively.

According to ACI, the air cargo industry experienced a revival across several world's airports in 2017, and the upward trend continues in 2018. Even with the uncertainty regarding the threat of trade wars, and the growth of protectionist sentiments across the world, business confidence remains strong across inventory build-ups, and increased export orders in 2017, reports The STAT Trade Times, Navi Mumbai.

The robust economic growth in the United States, along with an increase in global industrial production, followed by strong US dollar has boosted the inbound air cargo markets in the recent years.

"The surge in cargo volumes and passenger numbers across several world's airports will help in increasing the business and consumer confidence, at least in the short term," said Angela Gittens, director general, ACI World.

"The world's airports continue to be a vital link for growth of the economy, which the aviation sector provides," said Ms Gittens.

"The universal access to online retail and e-commerce platforms represents a competitive pressure to the traditional brick-and-mortar retail shops in certain markets, but the huge growth in e-commerce has further fuelled the air cargo side of the airport business. It has resulted in increased global activity, especially in major markets, such as China and the US," she said.

"The spectre of uncertainty in trade policy among major economies comes at a time when global commerce and our industry has recently thrived. The trans-pacific link, for instance, is an important ingredient in boosting international passenger traffic and international freight volumes," said Ms Gittens.

Cathay Pacific Cargo signs deal with Sonoco for pharma containers

HONG Kong's Cathay Pacific Cargo and global provider of temperature assurance packaging, Sonoco ThermoSafe, have signed a partnership agreement for the leasing of the PharmaPort 360 temperature-controlled bulk shipping container.

Under the deal, pharmaceutical shippers will be able to lease PharmaPort 360 containers directly from Cathay Pacific Cargo, boosting the carrier's Pharma LIFT capabilities and providing its customers worldwide with a leading hybrid option for moving time-sensitive, high-value medications by air.

Cathay Pacific general manager Cargo Service Delivery, Frosti Lau said: "Sonoco's reputation for quality perfectly aligns with our own high standards for service delivery. We are delighted to have this unique and world's-first partnership with Sonoco ThermoSafe, and we are confident this collaboration will provide our customers with a consistent solution for the transportation of vital and life-saving pharmaceutical products."

The PharmaPort 360 utilises proprietary hybrid technology to ensure extremely precise +5C temperature control. Once charged, the PharmaPort functions like an active temperature controlled container without the energy consumption, or heat discharge of other compressor-based technologies.

The PharmaPort's hybrid technology allows it to operate on battery power substantially longer than competing active units used for bulk air shipments, and it also eliminates the need for refrigerated trucks for lengthy truck lanes. Additionally, it contains a fully integrated, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-approved telemetry system, providing real-time, cloud-based data on payload and ambient temperature, precisely synchronised with GPS location.

Director of Global Marketing & Business Development for Sonoco Protective Solutions, Vishal Khushalani, said: "The PharmaPort 360 provides best-in-class active temperature control, while utilising a hybrid technology that maintains strict +5 control while providing real-time temperature and location visibility across the supply chain. The container is also easy to use and is versatile across transportation modes."

IATA implements CEIV programme to protect animals during transport

IATA has launched its CEIV programme for the transport of live animals that is based on the Live Animals Regulations (LAR) and input from industry experts, including veterinarians, animal welfare experts, government agencies and non-governmental organisations.

IATA's senior vice president of airport, passenger, cargo and security Nick Careen said: "Animal owners and shippers rely heavily on airlines to carry their precious cargo," reported London's Air Cargo News.

"For those shipping live animals the CEIV Live Animals programme will provide a reliable quality benchmark."

Before the launch of the programme, a live pilot was carried out with the help of London Heathrow's Animal Reception Centre (HARC) and Air Canada Cargo.

"We look forward to continuing to work closely with IATA to further enhance the programme and support its worldwide adoption by companies across the supply chain in the pursuit of operational excellence in the handling and transport of live animals by air," HARC assistant director, port health and public protection, Robert Quest said.

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