Third Party Logistics

With the ease communication nowadays, business competition is getting fierce and the transportation cost keeps going up due to the high record of oil price. Thus, the total supply chain management takes the vital role in the logistics field. One-stop logistics management solution which can effectively improve the transportation arrangement and reduce the problem of over-storage. With Infinity’s service, our customers are beneficial from our complete and efficient transportation service as well as the cost saving. Since the global demand of Third Party Logistics continues to grow rapidly, we are much eager to develop on logistics in order to offer an all-round and high quality services.

Our Third Party Logistics packages are including

  • Inventory Control
  • Racking Storage System
  • Temperature Control Storage (subject to request)
  • Pick and Pack according to customers’ instruction
  • Bar-code Labeling
  • Scanning System
  • Quality Control
  • Freight Consolidation to multi-destination by air and sea
  • Freight Distribution to retail shops or different end users at destinations
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