AOG-247 signs with B&H Wordwide in London and Frankfurt airports

B&H WORLDWIDE, a major aerospace logistics provider, has signed a deal to provide fast-expanding aircraft and engine components supplier AOG-247 with warehouse and inventory management services at both London Heathrow and Frankfurt.

Under the terms of the contact B&H will provide full inventory management at both locations including complete consignment handling and access to the B&H FirstTrac online portal.

B&H will initially be responsible for managing the UK-headquartered company's commercial engine inventory (introducing CFM56-7 Life Limited Parts) which AOG-247 will base from B&H's Frankfurt warehouse.

"As with all component suppliers, AOG-247 needs to be very close to their markets and by utilising space at both our Heathrow and Frankfurt facilities they are well placed to meet any of their own customers' requirements while at the same time having the scope to expand their activities in the years to come," said B&H Worldwide Group CEO Stuart Allen.

Said AOG-247 managing director David Bradley: "The services offered by B&H will enable us to have a larger footprint in these markets both now and in the future."

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