China continues pressure, probes Cathay's empty oxygen bottles

HONG KONG's Cathay Pacific Airways. which showed too much sympathy for protesters at the big airport demonstration August 12 for Beijing's liking, is under investigation by Chinese regulators after emergency oxygen bottles on three flights were found depleted or completely empty, reports Bloomberg.

Cathay officials said it was highly unusual for so many oxygen bottles on three flights were found to be depleted or empty.

Cabin crew from the flights have been grounded so they can help with the probe, Cathay told staff in a memo. As well as the Civil Aviation Administration of China, Hong Kong authorities and local police are also investigating, the note said.

Pre-flight inspections discovered 13 oxygen canisters - designed to be used by crew in an emergency depressurisation of the cabin - that were partially or fully discharged, Cathay said.

The inquiry is another headache for the airline's new chief executive officer, Augustus Tang, weeks after Chinese regulators threatened to bar Cathay from the mainland because some staff supported the Hong Kong protests.

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