DHL Express delivers by air Covid-19 vaccines to Europe

DHL Express has operated more than 50 flights carrying Covid-19 vaccines to European destinations.

The company said it is "perfectly equipped" and prepared to transport Covid-19 vaccines in Europe and beyond, thanks to its hub and gateway network spanning 60 countries and territories in Europe, as well as its fleet of more than 100 aircraft.

The express giant has already delivered vaccines to Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Romania and Sweden.

Apart from Europe, it has transported vaccines to Bahrain, Chile, Costa Rica, Israel, Mexico, Oman and Singapore, according to London's Air Cargo News.

Chief executive at DHL Express Europe, Alberto Nobis, commented: "Our Express network has already proven its strong resilience during the first weeks of the pandemic. While almost all nations went into lockdowns, none of our operations had stopped.

"It is in our DNA to deliver, even in times of global crisis. With international express deliveries of Covid-19 vaccines we are supporting numerous governments in their fight against the pandemic. In Europe our strong presence allows us to move medical goods from country to country within up to 24 hours."

DHL's global healthcare portfolio includes more than 9,000 specialist staff working, 150 pharmacists, 20 clinical trials depots, 100 certified stations, 160 GDP-certified warehouses, 15 GMP-certified sites and 135 medical express sites. It also has a fleet of 260 freighters, numerous partner airlines and a hub and gateway network spanning more than 220 countries.

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